Cable Protector Beads with Silicon Made Cartoon/Superhero Shape on Top (Set of 6 Pieces)

$ 6

If you want your Cables to have a longer life, this is the product for you. We don’t use our Phone cables, We misuse them. We roll them turn them, put them in bags or purses, we just don’t care for them enough. The least we can do is try & give them a Protective cover, which reduces the day to day damage done to them & enhances their life. The Cable Protectors are made up of Plastic & Silicon & Soft Rubber. The idea behind this product is to have a product which not only protects but makes our cables look good too. The Cartoon Characters on top not only make a Style Statement but helps you to immediately identify your cable. We stand by our Quality & maintain the highest standard so that you get the Best Product.

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